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The Best Summertime Locations for your Outdoor Family & Maternity Photo Session in the Greater Philadelphia Area

family of five hugging

Summertime offers some truly unique and picturesque locations for your outdoor family or maternity photo session. It is a season filled with opportunities to create and capture memories that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Lush Greenery: This season's rich and lush landscapes are full of vibrant colors create stunning, picturesque backdrops for your photos.

  • Endless Space: It's summer - your kids are going to want to run, explore, and soak up the longer warmer days. Why not give them the chance to do this during their photo session and make it memorable?

  • Water Adventures: The summertime provides a unique opportunity to incorporate water into your photos. Creeks and rivers are perfect for a cool, refreshing break during a hot session and will create playful images.

  • Fields in Bloom: If you are flower obsessed like me, you'll want to have your family photos during the summer. This is when the fields are in full bloom!

These are my favorite summertime locations for outdoor photo sessions:

1. Valley Forge National Historical Park - King of Prussia, PA​

OK, this is honestly my favorite location in almost all times of the year. I still can't believe I get to live so close to one of the most beautiful and historic parks in the county. I digress. Valley Forge has it all - wide open fields, old farm buildings, historic stone houses and sometimes wildflowers later in the season.

family sitting in the grass in front of washington's headquarters in valley forge

2. Marsh Creek State Park - Downingtown, PA

This is a perfect spot if you're looking to use water in your session. It does get very busy during the summer months, so week nights are usually best for a quieter atmosphere.

daughter on her father's back in front of the lake at marsh creek state park

3. French Creek - Phoenixville, PA

Another great location and hidden gem for those looking to play in a creek during their session. This has the added benefit of being quiet and remote. The creek is sleepy and shallow, which is much safer for younger children.

brother and sister laughing next to french creek in Phoenixville

4. Wildflower Lookout - Ronks, PA

This is a bit of a drive from the Philadelphia suburbs, but definitely worth it. Set atop a hill overlooking Lancaster County, their fields are bursting with all types of wildflowers. Keep an eye on their Instagram to see what is in bloom each month.

toddler looking over mother's shoulder in a field of wildflowers with family in the background

5. Maple Acres Farm & Market - Plymouth Meeting, PA

The vibrant zinnia fields at this local farm start to bloom starting in mid June. If you're a fan of bright and colorful images, this is the perfect spot for your photos!

baby smelling zinnia held by her father in a field of flowers

6. Warwick Furnace Farm - Glenmoore, PA

While the rolling hills of Chester County, PA, are stunning on their own, the lavender fields overlooking the valley at this farm might just be the prettiest spot in southeastern Pennsylvania. The lavender is only in bloom from late June through late July, but their formal gardens and grounds are pretty year-round.

boy in lavender field during summer family session at Warwick Furnace Farm / Chester County Lifestyle Photographer

7. Downtown Phoenixville — Phoenixville, PA​

If you're looking for something a little different than the options above, downtown Phoenixville is perfect for more of an urban feel. I choose this as a favorite summer spot, because of the local ice cream (Browns Cow) & gelato (Gemelli) shops. These can be an after session treat or for extra fun, make it part of your session! Schedule your session on a Monday to avoid the crowds.

brothers eating gelato at Gemelli in downtown Phoenixville, PA


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