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Why Summertime is the Best for Your Outdoor Family Photos

Unpopular opinion: Summertime is actually the best season for outdoor family photos. Here’s why!

Magical Summer Locations

Summer provides vibrant, lush green landscapes that create a perfect backdrop for your photos. There are so many stunning locations in the suburbs of Philadelphia that truly shine in the summer monthsfrom flower farms, to historic sites, to creeks & lakes. Check out this blog post for some of my favorite summer locations!

Longer & Warmer Days

Take advantage of the extended daylight hours and warm temperatures that summer offers. The long days give us more flexibility in scheduling your session and the pleasant weather allows for more playful outdoor locations, making your photo session a fun family adventure.

Less Photographers

By taking your family photos in the summer, you'll avoid the fall rush and have any easier time booking your ideal session date and location. Plus, with fewer photographers around, your session will be more private, making it easier for your children to relax and be themselves

Carefree Children

Let’s be honest - the school year can be tough on kids. Their days are jam-packed with learning and extracurricular activities. During the summer, children have more time to play and relax, which translates to happier, more engaged kids during your photo session.

Summer is for Making Memories

By opting for a summer session, you’re not just getting beautiful photos—you’re also creating lasting memories. Choose a location that you've always wanted to visit and explore together to make your session a memorable experience. Whether it's a day at the beach, a hike through the woods, or a visit to a beautiful flower farm, your session can double as a fun family adventure.


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