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The most common question I am asked before a session is "what should I wear?". This is actually pretty important, as your clothing choices will effect not only the look and style of your session, but how you FEEL during your session. Do yourself a favor and make sure you think about what you'll be wearing at least two weeks before your session, otherwise you'll end up - running late, uncomfortable, and unconfident in your last minute decision (pretty much me every time I leave the house).

Your clothing doesn't need to be new, or fancy and definitely shouldn't be something that doesn't feel like you. This is not the time to wear heels if you hate heels - and honestly if you do wear them, limit yourself to wedges which are more practical for outside sessions). Throw out all your perceptions of what you should wear and choose something you love to wear. You can be as simple as a t-shirts and jeans or dress up more in a button-down shirt or dresses. There is no right or wrongjust be true to yourself.

With all that in mind, and to help you get started, I've shared some spring photo session outfit inspiration. These are based on some of my favorite looks from previous sessions. I hope this makes you feel more at ease as you plan your and your family's outfits!

Florals for spring? Original, I know! I was originally going to have a whole section dedicated to them, but I decided it was way more fun to incorporate them into all four! I'm a sucker for flowers, what can I say.

1. Light & Airy Neutrals

While I don't always recommend wearing whites and lighter colors, I think they look so fresh this time of year and really compliment the springtime flowers. Instead of white, you might want to consider off whites, creams, beiges, and light grays, which will be more complimentary to skin tones and better blend with your natural setting.

older sister kissing younger sister on head udring

Outfit Inspiration:


2. Easter Inspired Pastels

While I often recommend staying away from a lot of color, springtime is the best time to embrace these fun pastels! Fun florals and light colors mimic all the beautiful spring flowers and bright greens of the new leaves. Mix and match colors and patterns and include lots of neutrals to keep things balanced. If you are choosing a color, make sure it really compliments your skin tones and brings out the best of you!

Springtime family session with young couple and baby in front of a historic stone house in Valley Forge National Historical Park / Chester County Lifestyle Photographer

Outfit Inspiration:


3. Fresh Blues

Blue is one of my favorite colors and it looks so good in spring and summer photos! It really helps make the green pop! You can never go wrong when choosing to coordinate around this color. And you'll likely already have plenty in your wardrobe to use as a starting point, making it even easier! The trick to not make it overly matching is to use plenty of different shades and textures. There is such a range of options and you can use grays, purples and greens to compliment.

boy in lavender field during summer family session at Warwick Furnace Farm / Chester County Lifestyle Photographer

Outfit Inspiration:


4. Light, Muted Earth Tones

Earth tones are one of the most popular choices when choosing a color scheme for a photo session. They're my top rated choice year round, as they go with everything and are typically flattering on everyone! For the spring, I recommend lightening up some of these colors to keep your images feeling a bit more bright and airy. This is the perfect time to pull out all your sage greens and blush pinks.

Outfit Inspiration:

1. You Want Images That Authentically Capture Your Family

If you are tired of stiff overly formal portraits that don't look like your family, then a lifestyle photography session is perfect for you. These sessions are all about reveal the essence of your family through directed posing and movement to create space for connection and honest interactions.  

2. You Are Looking For a Relaxed Session

Lifestyle sessions have completely different expectations. In fact, they usually have no expectations at all, since they are about highlighting you and your loved ones as you are. To achieve this, we'll create a laid back, low key environment with plenty of room to laugh, play, snuggle and everything in between.

3. You Want to Remember This Moment in Time

While traditional posed photography sessions create an idealized version of your family, they miss out on all the aspects that make your family uniquely you! Maybe this is the year your daughter is missing both front teeth, or perhaps your toddler has just started walking and can't sit still. Lifestyle sessions are all about celebrating your family exactly where they are at all ages.

4. You Want Fine Art Quality Images

Lifestyle photography transforms everyday candid snap shots of your family into carefully curated images that are timeless. You'll want to hang them on your walls so you can see them day after day and remember that time in your life.

5. You Want an Experience

Make your annual photo session something that everyone can look forward to with an interactive experience. With little kids this might mean choosing a new location to explore and playing games as we interact with our environment. As they get older, it can be a fun to incorporate an activity (like getting ice cream!) or family tradition into your session.

So you've booked your family session, but you now need to decide where to take your photos! When choosing a location, it is important to think about not only how you want your photos to look and feel, but also about what kind of experience is right for your family. Maybe it is having endless space to run. Or maybe a creek to explore on a hot day. Or perhaps a flower farm if your dream is being surrounded by a full field in bloom. Either way, you really cannot go wrong - these locations are all beautiful in their own way.

1. Wide Open Fields

If I had to only one setting to take photos, I would have to choose a field. They make such a dreamy background for flowing dresses and running children and the scenery is beautiful every season. Even better, there are so many parks in Phoenixville and the greater Philadelphia area that feature rolling hills and fields with vast views.

maternity session with couple in chester county field at sunset

2. Historic Houses & Sites

We are so lucky to live in an area with so much history! There are so many gorgeous estates with grounds that make stunning backdrops for your photos. There are also so many historic sites that date back to the Revolutionary War. Meshing the old with the new and definitely makes for timeless images.

Springtime family session with young couple and baby in front of a historic stone house in Valley Forge National Historical Park / Chester County Lifestyle Photographer

3. Flower Fields, Farms & Gardens

If you know me, you know that I am absolutely CRAZY about flowers. So any chance to photograph in a field surrounded by them - I am in! From April to October there are so many opportunities to take photos surrounded by what is in bloom, whether it be flower farms with lavender, peonies, or zinnias, fields with seasonal wildflowers, or more formal gardens.

boy in lavender field during summer family session at Warwick Furnace Farm / Chester County Lifestyle Photographer

4. Urban Background

If you live in or are drawn to cities, an urban setting might be more your style. The architecture makes for such dynamic backgrounds. You can even turn your photo session into an experience and take your photos in your favorite ice cream shop, coffee shop, or cafe.

5. Lakeside & Creek

During the warm summer months, why not choose a location where you can cool off while exploring? There are so many lakes within close distance and even creeks if you want more of an immersive play based experience.

family playing on a dock on a lake in New Jersey

6. Old Farm Setting

A location that is perfect for kids who love to run and play! There are so many different buildings to explore and nooks that are so much fun to discover. You can climb on old fences, walk on the stone walls and run through the fields.

Did one of these locations speak to you? Which one will you choose for your next family photo session?

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