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Why You Should Choose a Lifestyle Family Photography Session | Philadelphia Family & Newborn Photographer

Updated: May 18

1. You Want Images That Authentically Capture Your Family

If you are tired of stiff overly formal portraits that don't look like your family, then a lifestyle photography session is perfect for you. These sessions are all about reveal the essence of your family through directed posing and movement to create space for connection and honest interactions.  

2. You Are Looking For a Relaxed Session

Lifestyle sessions have completely different expectations. In fact, they usually have no expectations at all, since they are about highlighting you and your loved ones as you are. To achieve this, we'll create a laid back, low key environment with plenty of room to laugh, play, snuggle and everything in between.

3. You Want to Remember This Moment in Time

While traditional posed photography sessions create an idealized version of your family, they miss out on all the aspects that make your family uniquely you! Maybe this is the year your daughter is missing both front teeth, or perhaps your toddler has just started walking and can't sit still. Lifestyle sessions are all about celebrating your family exactly where they are at all ages.

4. You Want Fine Art Quality Images

Lifestyle photography transforms everyday candid snap shots of your family into carefully curated images that are timeless. You'll want to hang them on your walls so you can see them day after day and remember that time in your life.

5. You Want an Experience

Make your annual photo session something that everyone can look forward to with an interactive experience. With little kids this might mean choosing a new location to explore and playing games as we interact with our environment. As they get older, it can be a fun to incorporate an activity (like getting ice cream!) or family tradition into your session.


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