I'm a fine art, portrait and event photographer based in the Greater Philadelphia area.


I first became interested in photography in high school, after borrowing my grandfather's film camera, however it wasn't until college where I really fell in love with the medium. After enrolling in my first photography class, I never looked back. I suppose you can say it is in my blood - I watched my mom take award winning photos of my brother and me, documenting our childhood and now I am in turn doing the same for the next generation of our family.

Although I majored in black and white film photography in college, over the last six years I have begun to work almost exclusively as a digital photographer. I began my photography business, as many others, through requests from friends and family to photograph their weddings and children. My fine art background and training not only influences the way I approach my work, but drives my desire to provide clients with authentic representations of their lives. 

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